This is video demonstrating the use of omni wheel technology in a wheel chair.

I’ve been looking at possible alternatives to the conventional wheel. At the moment I have been looking at Omni wheel technology. Omni Wheels can move in any direction. The wheels have two ball bearings at the bore of the wheel with many small wheels making up one large one. This would resolve the maneuverability issues I have uncovered with current walking aid products.

0_8f48976d32At the moment I am looking for an open source reference to see what it takes to building something similar to this and gain a better understanding on the programming side of things because I have no idea at the moment. The omni wheel robot would be the base of the design with a metal frame for strength and stability(as it needs to bear the weight of a person) and possibly a plastic outer to hide the workings of the device.


In the images is the Airtrax Sidewinder which is one of the first large scale manufacturer of the technology

This is a link to a tutorial to omni robot design that I found helpful in gaining a greater understanding in omnidirectional holonomic platforms. Still not sure if I’ll be able to pursue this path even though I am keen to.