scooter disassembly1I found an old electric scooter and decided to pull it apart. It was a good opportunity  to gain a better understanding of how it has been assembled,its key components and how I can modify and possibly implement these manufacturing methods in my design. The scooter had a very low-tech set up and was easy to  disassemble and re-asssemble  back to working order.

scooter disassembly2The scooter is powered by two 12 volt batteries, the heaviest components of the scooter, weighing 2.2kg each

scooter disassembly3All the main components are housed in this tray which is sealed with a plastic cover which you stand on to ride the scooter.

scooter disassembly4The circuit board controls the amount of power the motor exerts depending on how much the handle is turned, with wires running from the handle all the way to the motor which are neatly tucked away when fully assembled.

scooter disassembly5The rear wheel, brakes and driving belt that powers the scooter which gets up to speeds of 25km/h

scooter disassembly7Here is the metal frame and motor. The total weight of the scooter is 8.5kg and can hold someone weighing up to 100kg.