delta-7-arantix-frameI found the IsoTruss technology quite interesting in the variety of materials that can be used while implementing the same techniques. Made from an interwoven carbon fiber and Kevlar lattice the frames weigh in at 1.023kg and 1.065 kg, with the entire bike weighing only 6.62 kgs.

4635459While Delta 7 uses carbon fiber, the IsoTruss manufacturing process allows products to be made using just about any type of weavable fiber (including bamboo) and resin.

ascend3Their open-lattice spider-web tubes incorporate geometric design, wherein carbon fiber and Kevlar are woven into a network of isosceles triangles. The triangles join together to form pyramid-shaped trusses, which provide incredible structural support while using a minimum of material. Unlike materials such as metal and wood, IsoTruss products won’t rust or rot. And, despite its complex appearance, IsoTruss is possible to produce using automated techniques. The Delta 7 Arantix bike currently which uses the Isotruss technology cost $10,000