ex_driver_sideThe Ex-Trike was built and designed by Nils Ferber,Sebastian Auray, Ruben Faber and Ludolf von Oldershausen. The trike is powered by two 18-volt-screwdrivers as engines and can accelerate to up to 30 km/h.

ex_driver_frontThe driver controls the vehicle with brake and acceleration handles and by tilting the back wheel with their body.

ex_antriebBoth screwdrivers run in the same direction to get the maximum power out of them.To avoid one screwdriver blocking the other, overrunning clutch gearwheels are used to transmit the torque.

ex_jointI think this is a unique concept using low tech materials and methods however it’s a highly resolved concept giving single person transport a new perspective. It also presents an opportunity in taking the ¬†fundamentals of the concept into other fields of design.